USS Armstrong

Welcome Aboard the USS Armstrong

Assigned to the Raeyan Sector, an area of Federation controlled space far from the peace of Earth and Sector 001, the USS Armstrong is a part of 4th Fleet's Task Force 93.

Its three fold mission includes:

+ Patrolling the Klingon Border along the rebellious Sovereignty of Kahless.
+ Securing Federation interests in the Raeyan Sector after Starfleet pulled out of the area three years ago.
+ Keeping the peace in an area where lawlessness and piracy once reigned supreme.

The USS Armstrong is named after an Earth Astronaut, Neil Armstrong, the first human to set foot on Earth's moon - one of the critical events that eventually led Humans to explore the stars and help found the United Federation of Planets. Its crew, diverse in culture and experience, strives to live up to the ideals of those first men and woman who looked to the stars and were not afraid to seek out new life, new civilizations, and to boldly go where no one has been before.

Latest News Items

» Registering in BFMS

Posted on Thu Feb 6th, 2020 @ 11:30pm by Captain Richard Sterling in Out of Character

Friends and Crew,

Some of you may have seen the recent notice about a change coming up in Bravo Fleet. If you haven't, I encourage you to check out this announcement.

Basically, there is a plan to transition Bravo Fleet into something beyond its current model as a simming network. It will enable players to write larger stories collectively, as well as participate in simms.

The initial request that the announcement is making is that all players register with BFMS, the Bravo Fleet Management System. You can register by clicking here. When you have done so, please send me a message or email, because I will want to link you in BFMS to Armstrong.

I would like all of you to please register, so we have an accurate participant's list on the Bravo Fleet website. We currently have six players, but only some are registered and linked to the Armstrong.


Nothing. In all honesty, whether you register with the Armstrong or not, whether you register in BFMS or not, it will not change the experience within our simm. We will continue to write our stories as we always have.

You may have heard that the fleet will be changing its operating year to 2399. This is happening, and we will adjust accordingly I think without too many problems, especially considering we are still in the infancy of our stories. Once the jump happens, feel free to adjust bios to account for the happenings explained in ST: Picard. We may retcon some things, but not much.


Whatever you want. If you have a BFMS account, you can participate as much -- or as little -- as you want in other initiatives. But I'd suggest you check them out. Some of them could be quite a lot of fun.

If you choose not to register, you may be ineligible for awards at the Task Force level, but I suspect that those who do not wish to register will not be put off by that.


If anyone has any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to bring them to me!

Chris aka Captain Sterling

(This message adopted in part from the Captain of the USS Atlantis, TF93)

» Another New Member!

Posted on Tue Dec 3rd, 2019 @ 9:08pm by Captain Richard Sterling in Sim Announcement


I'd like to welcome a dear friend and experienced writer to the simm, Mike aka Lieutenant Raymond Hansa. He will be joining us as our new Chief Science Officer.

We welcome him with open arms!


AKA Captain Sterling

» A New Member!

Posted on Mon Dec 2nd, 2019 @ 5:01pm by Captain Richard Sterling in Sim Announcement

Good Afternoon,

I'd like to thank you all for your great posting over the last month. Let's keep it up, and we can really get something moving here.

From the Bravo Fleet/Task Force 93 perspective, we are going to be taking part in a larger TF93 storyline involving the Sovereignty of Kahless and associated escalation of tensions.

Today, however, I'd like to announce we have a new member joining us! Please welcome Ted, aka Lt. Commander Cormac O’Hagan, who will be joining us as our Flight Leader (commander of our fighter group).

You might be saying, a-what? We don't have fighters, we're an intrepid class starship. Well, you're right. But, I don't like to limit creativity - so we decided along with our repairs at Niveq II, we will be assigned a SMALL group of fighter craft, replacing some of our shuttle complement. We will also modify two cargo bays to be retrofitted as a hangar for a fighter. In total, we will be taking on 4 fighters and losing 3 shuttlecraft.

The IC reasoning behind this is that starfleet can't provide us any more capital ship support, but they can give us these fighters to assist us in our patrol and engagement with the SoK.

Should be a fun ride! Welcome Commander O'Hagan!


AKA Captain Sterling

Latest Mission Posts

» A Poor First Impression

Mission: Groping in the Dark
Posted on Mon Jan 20th, 2020 @ 6:57pm by Lieutenant Commander Cormac O’Hagan

O’Hagan sat in his office, leaning back on his chair. He was deep into the ship’s library, reading the engineering manuals in his time off. He was still worried about the power relays on one of his fighters and was reading into the issues he had faced earlier.
He turned…

» Just Another Introduction

Mission: Groping in the Dark
Posted on Sat Jan 18th, 2020 @ 10:34am by Lieutenant JG Ganah J'mpec & Lieutenant Commander Chanz

With her hands behind her back, Ganah took slow, deliberate steps as she meandered slowly through the shops in the market on the planet side installation. As she walked, she would give each shop and kiosk a quick browse while keeping her pace continuing by. As she approached the rather…

» Getting the Lowdown

Mission: Groping in the Dark
Posted on Thu Jan 2nd, 2020 @ 10:50pm by Captain Richard Sterling

Sterling sauntered through the small Starfleets-only cafeteria style replimat. He briefly took a look a the fresh offerings that were undoubtedly prepared by a local who couldn't quite get certain things right. He grabbed an apple and made his way over to the bank of replicators along the wall. Encountering…

» The Hangar

Mission: Groping in the Dark
Posted on Mon Dec 16th, 2019 @ 6:29pm by Lieutenant Commander Cormac O’Hagan

Earthdate: 2389.1215

The hangar deck renovations were almost complete. Only two crewmen were left working on the modifications, and were expected to finish within the hour.
Lt. Commander O'Hagan had requested that one fighter was left on the hangar floor, for a quick flight test with one of his pilots.…

» Andorian Assuming

Mission: Groping in the Dark
Posted on Wed Dec 4th, 2019 @ 9:22am by Lieutenant Riventin Th'rialnal

Zipping up a perfectly pressed uniform jacket over his gold turtleneck, Riv looked himself up and down in the mirror in front of him. He smoothed over the gray shoulders with his hands, and once satisfied that his fresh, well tailored uniform looked just how he wanted, the Andorian picked…

Latest Personal Logs

» Reassignment

Posted on Tue Dec 3rd, 2019 @ 4:41pm by Lieutenant Commander Cormac O’Hagan

Earthdate: 2389.124

I have been in San Francisco on leave while waiting for reassignment for the past three weeks, spending time with my family. It has been relaxing, yet lately I have found myself restless.

I received a transmission two days ago from Starfleet. I'm to join the USS Armstrong…

» Chanz Personal Log

Posted on Tue Nov 19th, 2019 @ 6:25pm by Lieutenant Commander Chanz

Ship time: 1448

Starfleet Security Authorization Level XII

I have now transferred to the USS Armstrong as Executive Officer. It was fortuitous that they were in need of one.

A few moments ago, I personally witnessed the self destruction of the runabout Leeland. With it, went 9 months of research…