USS Armstrong

Groping in the Dark

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The first mission for the USS Armstrong, on patrol in the Raeyan Sector.

Start Date Tue Jul 23rd, 2019 @ 8:09pm

Mission Posts

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Title Timeline Location
Why, Hello There
by Captain Richard Sterling & Lieutenant Commander Chanz & Lieutenant JG Ganah J'mpec
1425 Hours - MD1 USS Armstrong, Bridge
A Bridge Too Fried
by Chief Warrant Officer Jeredak & Captain Richard Sterling
MD1 - 1420 Hours Bridge
Bumpy Ride
by Lieutenant Commander Chanz
MD1 - 1410 Hours USS Leeland
Bad Day
by Chief Warrant Officer Jeredak
MD1 - 1400 Hours Engineering
A Spanner A Day...
by Lieutenant JG Ganah J'mpec
MD1 - 1400 Hours Shuttlebay, USS Armstrong
by Captain Richard Sterling
MD1 - 1400 Hours Along the Southern edge of the Rayean Sector

Mission Summary

On a routine patrol mission along the Klingon boarder, the Armstrong runs into what they believe to naturally occurring spatial distortions. What they discover instead could lead to increased hostilities between the Federation and a rebellious faction of the Klingon Empire called the Sovereignty of Kahless.