USS Armstrong

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A Spanner A Day...

Posted on Fri Jul 26th, 2019 @ 7:40pm by Lieutenant JG Ganah J'mpec

Mission: Groping in the Dark
Location: Shuttlebay, USS Armstrong
Timeline: MD1 - 1400 Hours
Tags: Introduction

"You had better get that checked out, lieutenant," said one of the engineering crew that was down in the shuttlebay with Ganah. She stood at the threshold of the open shuttlecraft hatch, looking at the fresh electrical burns on her right hand, hyperspanner still clutched in her fingers, while she braced against the shuttle with her other. The ship rocked again, lights in the bay flickering with the steady illumination from behind her casting off her strobing silhouette to the half dozen or so yellow shirts around in the shuttlebay, hurriedly packing and/or leaving per the Red Alert.

The pain was finally starting to hit, but Ganah push it to the side the best she could. "Here," she said as she tossed the damaged spanner to the engineer who noticed her new injury, a human ensign with pale skin and a clean face.

To his credit, he caught it in between his hands and his chest. He simply stood and stared as Ganah walked by. "Are you okay?" he asked.

"I'll be fine, ensign," the Klingon woman said relatively softly, who had about 6 inches on the human. Ganah was half tempted to report to the bridge, burned hand be damned, but by the time she got to the turbolift, the alert was lifted, and she ordered the lift to sickbay.

There were a handful of others in the sickbay as well. The biobeds and surgical bed were all taken, with 4 more crewmen and woman standing and getting treatment. After only a moment of waiting, a nurse came up to Ganah. The lieutenant raised her right hand, and simply stated, "EPS burn."

After a tricorder scan, a hypospray injection, and then a dermal regenerator run over the affected areas, Ganah was good to go. The nurse made small talk, inquiring about how the injury occurred. Ganah explained simply that she was helping with general repairs on the shuttlecraft the Armstrong had. Maintenance records were sporadic and one of the shuttles was especially showing signs of neglect, and she was leading the charge on getting the compliment of shuttles back to one hundred percent operational capability. Ganah was in the middle of reconnecting EPS lines under the main control panel of said shuttle when the initial impact to the Armstrong hit, causing her hand to slip, and bam. Second degree burns. The nurse asked how new the klingon officer was, and Ganah responded the truth, "Second week aboard." The nurse welcome Ganah, and hope to see Ganah again under better circumstances. Flexing her hand instinctively after the fix, looking at the damage that was no longer there, the helmsman thanked the nurse as she left sickbay.

From there, Ganah walked down the corridor to head to lift once again. Time to get to the bridge.


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