USS Armstrong

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A Bridge Too Fried

Posted on Sun Sep 1st, 2019 @ 2:15pm by Chief Warrant Officer Jeredak & Captain Richard Sterling

Mission: Groping in the Dark
Location: Bridge
Timeline: MD1 - 1420 Hours

Dick had just received news that was going to probably change the course of their five-month mission. What originally was thought to be a naturally occurring phenomenon, was now identified to be something man-made. He really didn't want to deal with this. Why him? Why did the Armstrong have to stumble upon this mess? The paperwork alone...

The turbo-lift at the rear of the bridge opened as if summoned by the Tactical officer's words. Jeredak stepped briskly out onto the bridge with an air of purpose, quickly followed by a much taller Ensign with a large and colorful bandage covering his nose. With low whispers and a complicated-looking set of hand gestures, Jeredak dispatched the ensign to begin repairs on the viewer and made his way over to the Captain.

"Niveq Station, are you still with us?" Sterling called out.

"Aye, Armstrong, we are still receiving," they responded.

Dick stood up and turned to face the tactical station behind him. While looking at the Andorian working the controls he continued, "We're going to be sending you all the data we have on what's happening out there. And we'll drop a sensor buoy," turning around back to the helm station, he finished, "We're going to head back to you as soon as we can. We may need to put in for repairs."

Sterling nodded to the tactical officer, indicating he should drop the buoy. Turning his attention to the looming Ferengi nearby, he said, "Ah, Chief, give me the bad news."

Jeredak gave the captain a sharp-toothed smile as he came very briefly to attention. "She's got a dozen shorts, mostly in the main deflector power relays, and at least three minor hull breaches." He shrugged pointing his thumb at the blank viewscreen, "That's our most significant casualty pending a full system diagnostic and hull survey of course." His grin faded as he absently stroked one of his lobes."We got lucky. What hit us?"

Sterling instinctively sat back down in the center chair before answering, "More like, what did we hit, Chief. We're collecting as much data as we can right now, but it doesn't appear to have been a natural occurrence. We should know more once we arrive back at Niveq... once you clear us for safe travels of course."

Jeredak nodded, " Aye sir, 95% uptime on all major systems as promised, with your permission Captain' I'll leave the ensign here to get the viewer back online while I scurry back on down to engineering and let Mister Suliban give the hull and quick once over." Jeredak glanced meaningfully at the helm station. "Should give navigation just enough time to plot a surprise free course back to Niveq"

Dick nodded, "Excellent. Give my best to Mister Suliban. Those workerbees are tiny."

Jeredak gave a quick salute and tapped his combadge as he headed to the turbo-lift, " Ensign Jamieson, I expect that viewer to be working two hours from now. At which point you will present to me a report on just what it was you were doing with those gel-packs last night." Jeredak tapped his badge again, cutting off the ensigns stuttered reply " Smokey, you're cleared for survey duty, head out now I'll be in engineering shortly, the Captian wants to be back to Niveq station asap"

"Aye Chief, I'm already out the door, might even be I'm most of my way to the shuttle bay" Jeredak could hear his friends grin "Better to beg forgiveness as you say, didn't expect you to take so long reporting to the Captain."

Jeredak grinned as the turbolift doors closed "You're a bad man Smokey, no wonder we get along so well"


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