USS Armstrong


Why, Hello There

Posted on Sun Oct 20th, 2019 @ 7:11pm by Captain Richard Sterling & Lieutenant Commander Chanz & Lieutenant JG Ganah J'mpec
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Mission: Groping in the Dark
Location: USS Armstrong, Bridge
Timeline: 1425 Hours - MD1

Ganah was moving just before the doors parted with a soft hiss. Stepping on to the bridge, she took long and quick strides to the helm, relieving the crewman at the station. Running her fingers along the console, the Klingon performed a quick diagnostic of the maneuvering systems. Despite the hit, all thrusters and impulse engines were showing fully green across the board. She was still getting used to an Intrepid class starship such as the Armstrong, but every chance Ganah could get manual sublight maneuvers, the more confidence she gained. However, that would have to wait. "Captain," Ganah stated, perhaps a bit too loudly, "We're receiving a hail from a Federation runabout. Looks like it was hit pretty hard."

Sterling still contemplating what had just happened, and the potential implications of the bevy of reports he would have to fill out, snapped to attention. "Put them through..." he paused ever so slightly to remember the officer's rank. He was drawing a blank, "...Lieutenant." There were a lot of lieutenants.

There was a crackle as the comm system activated. "Armstrong, this is Lieutenant Commander Chanz aboard the Runabout Leeland. Do you copy our transmission?"

Sterling was unfamiliar with the name, but nevertheless duty was duty. "We are reading you, Commander. This is Captain Richard Sterling, report your status," he stated.

Chanz wiped some debris from the console before him. The little Amargosa class Runabout held itself together pretty well, he thought. "Captain Sterling. It is a pleasure. I have heard much about-"

Sterling interjected, "Status first, Commander." He wasn't one to be short, nor was he one to be sticking to protocol - however some things he couldn't overlook - especially in an emergency... or potential emergency.

"Yes, sir. There are no casualties, however the Runabout is on reduced power. Warp drive and main shields are operable but severely limited. Our sensors did not see the phenomenon until it was too late." Chanz punched a command in the console. "I am sending you an encoded transmission with our data on the oddity."

"Most runabouts wouldn't have even seen that at all," Ganah stated reflexively. She quickly realized she spoke out of line, but screw it, that bridge had already been crossed.

There was a pause, as Chanz didn't expect another officer to chime in. "Yes. The Leeland is outfitted with a quadmatrix sub-graviton analyzer. It allows probing of interstitial subspace phenomena." He tugged on the front of his tunic to straighten it, "it was an upgrade that I installed after we left Niveq Station."

Sterling chimed in again, "Ah, Niveq, that's where we are headed now. We ran into a bit of trouble ourselves. Do you need us to give you a ride?"

Running a few quick requests on the computer, Ganah spoke up again, "We can be within transporter range of the Leeland in five minutes, Captain." The Klingon wondered for a moment who exactly that ship was named after. Probably some obscure human from the past who's personal history barely merited a ship with their name. "Impulse course set, just say the word."

"I would be in your debt, Captain." Chanz said. He looked around at the wreckage around him. "I doubt the Runabout is salvageable, and might be a security risk to leave her adrift outside Federation controlled space. I recommend scuttling her after we depart."

Dick nodded, "We're on our way to you, Commander. Secure your stations and we will pick up you and your crew."

Chanz nodded "Aye, aye. Leeland out." That's the last time I'll ever say that, he thought to himself. "Lieutenant Alders, secure all stations and prepare to beam over to the Armstrong."

"Yes, sir," Alders said, and hopped out of his seat to head to the rear compartment.

Chanz turned to Ensign Relios, who was still nursing a nasty bruise on her forehead from the collision. "You are to report to sick bay as soon as we board the Armstrong. Are you able to stand?"

She nodded and gingerly stood up. "I'll go gather my belongings."

As she walked slowly toward the doorway, Chanz felt a pang of sorrow for her. Compassion wasn't encouraged on Darwin Station. He and the other augmented children weren't allowed to express emotion. This was a new sensation for him. One he would need to control if he were to work alongside other humans.

He put his command code into the Leeland's computer console. The Armstrong was 3.47 minutes away. "Computer, delete all data concerning Project ALPHA. Command authorization Chanz Lambda Two Two Seven Six Five Lambda." Another wave of emotion swept through him. It was...anxiety or perhaps fear. He hoped that the true mission of the Leeland would not be uncovered.


With computer having finished the cross reference of the Armstrong's scans with Leeland's, the course through the anomaly was clear. Ganah spoke up, "We're under way, impulse engines engaged." Through gentle thruster inputs, and speed variations, Ganah eventually brought the Armstrong to a stop and signaled the transporter room to contact the Leeland. They were within transporter range. Ganah quickly plotted a course back out and waited for the signal that all souls were aboard. Then it was back on course.